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StorageCraft Opens New Corporate HQ Facility

With the snip of a pair of scissors, a new era began for one of Utah’s fastest growing companies, StorageCraft Technology Corporation, as it officially opened its new corporate headquarters facility in Draper. The ribbon cutting ceremony marked the latest milestone for a company that began as a startup in 2003 and now has become a global leader in backup and disaster recovery of IT systems.

The 125,000-square-foot facility is the latest step in a major expansion for the backup and disaster recovery solution leader, which currently employs more than 240 in the United States, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. The new headquarters facility has 182 employees and gives StorageCraft the ability to increase its Utah-based workforce to more than 400 during the next few years.

“StorageCraft is always diligently working to provide our partners and their customers with fast, reliable products to maintain access to their valuable data and IT systems,” said Jeff Shreeve, co-founder and chief executive officer. “The opening of our new headquarters is a testament to the efforts of our hard working employees, reliable products and the mutually beneficial relationships with our partners around the world.”

The new building, which was developed and is managed by Gardner Company and built by Jacobson Construction, is located in the Vista Station business park in Draper and exemplifies what StorageCraft preaches: backup and recovery. It is LEED certified and utilizes state-of-the-art systems for heating/cooling and power distribution and high availability, such as a 1.5 Megawatt generator that allows StorageCraft to run uninterrupted in just about any failure or disaster.

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iMAGINE Upstate Festival Inspires Over 14,000 Attendees

iMAGINE UpstateThe 2015 iMAGINE Upstate Festival exceeded expectations drawing in more than 14,000 attendees in its inaugural year. Families, children of all ages, entrepreneurs and industry leaders spent April 4 experiencing hands-on learning to elevate conversations around innovation, creativity and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

iMAGINE Upstate crowd
The festival was created to help inspire Upstate students to take ownership of their future career paths. Beyond STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the downtown festival showcased creative, entrepreneurial and innovative happenings from across the Upstate.

iMAGINE Upstate learning“When we set out to plan the festival we wanted to create an experience that would impact a broad range of ages and interests,” said Ryan Heafy, executive director of iMAGINE Upstate. “In order for this program to make a lasting impact, we knew that we needed to showcase a variety of organizations on Main Street combined with a series of live shows throughout the day.”

iMAGINE Upstate partners including ScanSource, Duke Energy, Michelin North America, GE Power & Water, Bosch, Fluor and Greenville Technical College elevated the festival experience by running major festival tents. The festival hosted 61 organizations from across the Upstate, including:

• 36 non-profit organizations
• 10 start-up organizations
• 18 educational institutions
• 10 student organizations
• 8 Upstate industry leaders

In addition to the tented experiences on Main Street, the festival showcased six stages and 14 shows throughout the day.

“Our partners made it possible to run live experiential shows on stage throughout the day,” said Jared Hartzell, director of development at iMAGINE Upstate. “The stages helped reinforce our core program tracks: learn, innovate, engage, create, launch and make.”

The festival had a steady stream of attendees from start to finish. Students from across the Upstate attended and volunteered at the festival. Social media played a major role in keeping students engaged. With more than 7,300 Twitter impressions, 14,500 Facebook impressions, 2,770 app status updates, the iMAGINE Upstate Festival successfully leveraged modern technology to enhance the attendee experience.

“Beyond the festival, we want iMAGINE Upstate to help foster student conversations around their futures,” said Sarah Arbogast, director of marketing and events at iMAGINE Upstate. “An ongoing goal for iMAGINE Upstate programming is to help facilitate peer-to-peer sharing and learning.”

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Worthwhile Adds Software Developer Robert Roskam

WorthwhileWorthwhile, a customer-driven web, mobile and software development firm based in Greenville, S.C., is pleased to announce the hiring of software developer Robert Roskam. As a software developer, Roskam works with Worthwhile’s team to build solutions for clients using the Django framework and the Python language.

RoskamRoskam joins Worthwhile after two years as a developer and technical business analyst at Global Lending Services in Greenville.

For more information on Robert Roskam and Worthwhile, visit Worthwhile Team

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Spartanburg Based Hunger Crunch wins Facebook’s Social Good App of the Year

Featured in PRWeb here

Hunger CrunchHunger Crunch, a newly launched video game, has won Facebook’s Social Good App of The Year award which was presented at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco. The conference was held at the Fort Mason Center on Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday, March 26th, and brought together the leading developers from around the world for discussions, demos and discovery of innovative app technology. The award was presented on March 26th.

Hunger Crunch, created and developed by Rice Bowls, a non-profit based in Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina, focuses on raising money to feed orphaned children in 54 orphanages in eight countries around the world. The one-touch side-scrolling platformer follows the gamer, who is mounted on a mythical beast called “Beasty,” as they aim to rid the world of hunger and its maddening army of minions. Fun, fast-moving and graphically sophisticated, Hunger Crunch is a whimsical ride through a fantasy kingdom with real world humanitarian benefits. Additionally, a built-in feature makes it easy for groups to host tournaments and compete against each other to raise money, fighting hunger in the game and in the real world too.

There are 12 levels with a unique stomp mechanic that allows the gamer to chain-jump and squash enemy monsters, thereby stomping out hunger. The player collects candy coins at each level, but players can also use real money to buy candy coins in bulk, with 100% of the in-app proceeds going to help feed children around the world through the Rice Bowls organization.

The Hunger Crunch app is available for free in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is also available in Google Play for Android.

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Clemson Student Startup Turns to Crowdfunding for Infant Technology Project

Clemson University students who developed an incubator blanket that could help save infant lives in a country where improper warming methods are prevalent and lead to tens of thousands of deaths each year have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise startup money.

The “Incubasic” team has completed a prototype of the “Life Blanket,” and now the members are working to get it into Tanzania. The blanket is an individualized heating pad that regulates newborns’ body temperatures.

The team has a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in hopes of raising $7,000…

The Life Blanket is made of locally available materials and has a simple design that is easy to replicate. It is 90 percent cheaper than traditional incubators and can be easily repaired.

A temperature-monitoring thermistor regulates the ideal amount of heating for the blanket. It is accurate down to 0.1 degree Celsius.

Three LED lights display the temperature: blue for cold, green for in-the-range and red for too hot…

Life Blanket won $2,000 in Clemson University’s “Social LaunchPad” competition and was a finalist in the SC Launchpad competition.

Students are continuing to improve the Life Blanket. They would like to add devices to monitor blood-oxygen levels and heart rate, an LCD screen to display the information and a new enclosure made from locally available materials…

“We are close to something big,” John Henry Murdy said, the student campaign manager.

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New Job Posting: SharePoint Applications Analyst

Help Wanted

SharePoint Applications Analyst
Ogletree Deakins is looking for a SharePoint Applications Analyst to join the firm’s expanding practice.

Preview more open positions on the Tech After Five and GSATC jobs board. We encourage you to share it with anyone who may be in the hunt. If you are looking for work, feel free to let us know what you need on our LinkedIn group!

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Prodigy Announces New Cloud Solutions Portfolio

Prodigy Voice and DataProdigy Voice and Data, a business IT and telecommunications provider headquartered in Hickory, NC, has partnered with Greenville, SC-based Green Cloud Technologies, a Cloud technology solutions provider. This strategic partnership will expand Prodigy’s portfolio of cloud-based products and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Western North Carolina. Prodigy will initially offer Green Cloud’s disaster recovery and virtual server solutions.

“Prodigy staff are very excited to secure Green Cloud solutions for our customers. In the current business environment, no company could survive data loss. Partnering with Green Cloud will give Prodigy customers complete confidence that their data is secure and accessible 24/7.” says Rex Benfield, Managing Partner of Green Cloud Technologies specializes in providing its cloud-based solutions to partners dedicated to new technology as well as a commitment to outstanding customer service.

“Prodigy is an ideal partner for us because of their commitment to excellence and world-class customer support,” says Dan Sterling, president of Green Cloud Technologies. “Our alliance fuses Green Cloud’s industry-leading solutions and support with Prodigy’s experience and expertise in managed services for businesses,” added Sterling.

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Figwheel Author, Bruce Hauman Presents on ClojureScript and Figwheel April 16

ClojureScript and Figwheel presentation on Thursday, April 16

Clojure ScriptFigwheel builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it into the browser as you are coding. It facilitates a live interactive programming workflow. For a preview of what will be covered in the presentation, view Bruce’s 6 minute video on interactive programming with Figwheel.

Bruce HaumanBruce is an expert in Figwheel because he is its primary author. He will present the main ideas behind Figwheel and demonstrate how it works. He will also explore several tricks to help people get the most out of using it. Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of Figwheel and its use.

Sign up and learn more at Greenville Clojure Users Group

Worthwhile Sponsors Software Development Scholarship at The Iron Yard: $2,000 Stipend Focuses on Python

WorthwhileWorthwhile, a customer-driven web, mobile and software development firm based in Greenville, S.C., is partnering with The Iron Yard to present a scholarship for students wanting to learn software development using the Python development language.

Worthwhile is sponsoring a $2,000 discount to one incoming student who enrolls in the Python Engineering course that starts at The Iron Yard’s Greenville campus on May 25. This discount will be applied to the total cost of tuition.

“We’re committed to the Python community, and we’re thrilled to partner with The Iron Yard to help it grow in Greenville,” Worthwhile CEO Dan Rundle said.

Students can apply for the scholarship at Worthwhile Iron Yard Scholarship.

Worthwhile is one of the upstate’s leading web and mobile development companies, with 20 years of history from its Greenville headquarters. In recent years, Worthwhile has focused its development on using the Python programming language and the Django programming framework.

In 2013, Worthwhile’s team won Django Dash, a bi-annual, international Python-based programming competition. Worthwhile has also won multiple American Advertising Federation awards and other honors for its Python and Django programming work.

The Iron Yard, headquartered in Greenville, is a leading code education provider in more than a dozen locations nationwide. In addition to Python Engineering classes, its locations offer code education for Front End Engineering, Mobile Engineering, User Interface Design, and for the Rails and .NET programming languages. The Iron Yard also offers free code education for kids at all its locations.

J.D. Power Ranks Verizon Wireless Highest in Network Quality in Southeast

Customer Study Measure Performance in Call, Messaging and Data Quality

Verizon WirelessWhen it comes to wireless network quality in the Southeast region, Verizon Wireless ranks highest among wireless providers, according to the latest J.D. Power 2015 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study?, Volume 1.

The study queried more than 27,000 wireless subscribers across the U.S. about their experiences with their last 10 calls, messages, emails and Web connections on their mobile devices. The study, conducted between July and December 2014, covers six regions of the U.S., including 48 states and the District of Columbia, and recognizes the highest-ranking companies in each region based on the results.

The survey measured calls dropped or disconnected, calls not connected on the first try, calls with audio problems, failed/late voicemail notifications, voicemail with failed calls, text message transmission failures, late/failed received text messages, Web connection errors/failures to load, slow mobile Web, and email connection errors. Network performance issues are measured as problems per 100 (PP100) network connections, with a lower score reflecting fewer problems and better network performance.

In the Southeast region, which covers the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Verizon scored higher than every other wireless competitor with an overall PP100 score of 10, while the Southeast average was 13.

“The mobile devices today are more robust and have more demands put on them than they did even one year ago,” said Mike Haberman, vice president of technology for Verizon Wireless. “Throughout out network footprint, Verizon Wireless places the utmost priority on building and maintaining a reliable network and staying ahead of the accelerated growth in voice and data demands.”

Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, offering 4G LTE service to 98 percent of the U.S. population. The company introduced 4G LTE in 2010, and continues to build out its network to meet customer demand for new technologies such as Advanced Calling 1.0. Additionally, using AWS spectrum, branded as XLTE, Verizon Wireless has doubled the capacity of its 4G LTE network in more than 400 markets nationwide.

Verizon Wireless invests over $9 billion annually in its network to provide customers an exceptional experience and to stay ahead of the growing demand for the company’s voice and data services. The company’s ongoing network investment totals more than $100 billion nationally since 2001, which includes the introduction and continuous expansion of 4G LTE.

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