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Greenville Based ChartSpan Becomes Most Downloaded Medical App in America

chartspan-logoChartSpan, a consumer platform for patients managing healthcare records, has become the most downloaded iPhone and iPad medical app in the United States.

ChartSpan is an iPhone and iPad app empowering consumers with the ability to request, manage and send electronic healthcare records. The product was built by a group of innovative entrepreneurs who grew tired of waiting for the healthcare system to deliver on the promise of universal access to electronic patient healthcare records.

Less than two months after it’s initial product release ChartSpan has climbed to the number #1 ranking in the medical category on iTunes. ChartSpan is also beating industry conversion averages for downloads-to-active-users by nearly 500%.

ChartSpan is a FREE, encrypted and secure patient platform. Patients user ChartSpan to organize their entire family’s healthcare records from their smartphone or tablet. ChartSpan is the only consumer healthcare record technology built to capture all healthcare records and require no manual data entry.

“Our early success is validation of the two years we’ve spent developing this patient technology,” said ChartSpan CEO and cofounder, Jon­Michial Carter. “We’ve taken a contrarian approach to interoperability in healthcare. We’ve waited for more than a decade for providers, the government and the healthcare industry to deliver ubiquitous access to our patient healthcare records, with little success. At ChartSpan, we decided to stop waiting on providers and build technology that would enable those with chronic illnesses and mothers, managing their family’s healthcare needs, to use their smartphones, tablets or computers to manage their own workflow of healthcare records and information. Our technology includes much more than just medical records, it includes the ability to ingest dental, prescription, over ­the­ counter medications, genome information, vision, mental health records and much more.”

Demand for ChartSpan’s iPhone and iPad app is only the beginning for this healthcare start­up company from Greenville, South Carolina and an Iron Yard Digital Healthcare Accelerator graduate. “We are starting with healthcare encounter data, but much more is to come,” said Carter. “We are working to combine patient encounter data with bio­medical data from fitness bands, glucose readers and various other devices, as well as genome and proteomics data, to create preventive analytical dashboards for patients. We are building the most powerful data recommendation engine ever seen in consumer healthcare.”

ChartSpan plans to add an Android app to its Patient Platform by February and a web ­based version in Q1 of 2015.

via ChartSpan

Department of Energy Lists South Carolina Among Top 5 States in Fuel Cells

Directly from the U.S. Department of Energy State of the States: Fuel Cells in America 2014 report
DOE SealCalifornia, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina have been singled out as the Top 5 Fuel Cell States in past D.O.E reports for their supportive policies and incentives that have proven to encourage fuel cell installations, industry research and development and business expansion. California is by far the leader in the U.S., and arguably the world, with its progressive legislation that may be helping pave the way for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and the hydrogen infrastructure, stationary fuel cells running off renewable fuels and large-scale installations to help stabilize the electric grid. New York and Connecticut are home to several of the world’s leading fuel cell manufacturers and some of the longest running stationary systems in the country. Each state’s public benefit fund has been helping to fund installations for many years now.

While each of the top fuel cell states in D.O.E. reports have a unique industry focus – research and development, business and economic development, or technology deployment – the common denominators for growing fuel cell industry success seems to be:

• Collaboration and coordination among the industry’s players (business, government, and academia);
• Supportive government policies, created by the legislature and/or governor, which encourage the development and deployment of fuel cells;
• Incentives for fuel cell-related businesses to move to the state and to grow and succeed; and
• Financial support (grants, loans, tax incentives) for end users to encourage fuel cell demonstrations and deployment.

Each of the states see the fuel cell industry as an investment – an industry where the state can be a national leader, and a technology that delivers clean, low emission energy as well as economic benefits to the state.

In South Carolina
Almost a decade ago, South Carolina identified its strong capabilities in hydrogen and fuel cells technologies and began–through partnerships of government, business and academia – to nurture a growing fuel cell industry in the state.

SCHydrogenIn 2005, several studies (SCH2 – The South Carolina Hydrogen Economy: Capitalizing on the State’s R&D Assets and South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Economy Strategy Final Report) found that South Carolina has the infrastructure, technology, and resources to be competitive in a hydrogen economy and that it should exploit these capabilities.46 The state began to implement a cluster strategy that creates a closely knit concentration of producers, suppliers and institutions focused on emerging industries that the state expects to grow and achieve competitiveness.47 The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Cluster (part of the Future Fuels Cluster) is recognized as one of South Carolina’s important economic clusters.

SC Fuel Cell Cluster
Also in 2005, the South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Alliance (SCHFCA) was formed to oversee the state’s fuel cell strategy and promote the state’s hydrogen and fuel cell cluster. Members include federal and state government offices (Savannah River National Lab, the South Carolina Department of Commerce, Energy Office, Fire Marshal’s Office, and Department of Minority Affairs), private companies, coalitions and partnerships, and university and research facilities in the state. SCHFCA’s report, Economic Development: South Carolina’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Cluster (2014), proposes a “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Cluster Action Plan” for continued growth of the industry in the state. South Carolina has completed mapping of its fuel cell and hydrogen supply chain, the first in the country to do so using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

The South Carolina Innovation Plan 2013, a roadmap to strengthen the development of the state’s “innovative econo¬my,” also recommends that efforts and resources should focus on advancing growth in high-tech firms in industries that have the most high-growth potential – which includes the fuel cell and hydrogen cluster.

Additionally, the state’s General Assembly recently amended Section 12-6-3588 of the 1976 Code to enact the South Carolina Clean Energy Tax Incentive Program, “to encourage business investment that will produce high quality employment opportunities and enhance this state’s position as a center for production and use of clean energy products. The program accomplishes this goal by providing tax incentives to companies in the solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean energy industries which are expanding or locating in South Carolina.“

Read the full U.S. Department of Energy State of the States: Fuel Cells in America 2014 report

Gadgetfest Returns for 11th Annual Event Celebrating Gadgets

Gadgetfest 11
Every December Since 2004 we have held a special holiday edition of our Learning Lunch, celebrating the latest and greatest gadgets. Each year local gadget enthusiasts present their most recent fascination and local tech companies display their latest innovation.

For Gadgetfest 11 we are expecting a bountiful display of gadgets in addition to a handsome array of prizes. Join us or miss out on this year’s greatest gadgets.

If you are interested in presenting your coolest toy at this year’s Gadgetfest please register as a single gadget presenter.

Gadgetfest 11

a GSATC Learning Lunch
Presented by: Upstate Gadgeteers
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm

11:30 – 12:00 Registration, Networking, Lunch
12:00 – 12:10 Announcements
12:10 – 1:15 Gadgets
1:15 – 1:30 Door Prizes, Adjourn

This meeting features easy access from I-385, plenty of free parking, ample networking opportunities, a great presentation, and door prizes. Plan to attend.
Register in advance and save a few dollars. Registration at the door is $30.

Scio Diamond Technology Corporation and Renaissance Diamonds Inc. Launch Joint Venture to Deliver New Type of Color Diamonds

Scio DiamondGreenville based Scio Diamond Technology Corporation and Renaissance Diamonds Inc. announced that they have signed a memo of understanding for a joint venture to develop and deliver high-quality, lab-grown, fancy-colored diamonds to the gem stone and jewelry market. The two companies will bring their respective expertise together to deliver the highest-quality, certified, fancy-colored, lab-grown gems in the industry.

“Renaissance Diamonds has been a groundbreaker in the created jewel and diamond market for more than 20 years and is the ideal partner for Scio Diamond,” says Gerald McGuire, President and CEO of Scio Diamond Technology Corporation. “Together, we can grow and deliver the industry’s best quality, lab-grown, fancy-colored diamonds.”

“Scio Diamond has pioneered the market with their proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology and has demonstrated the capability to grow extraordinary gems. Together, this gives us the opportunity to create a new, profitable segment for the retail jewelry market,” said Neil Koppel, President and CEO of Renaissance Diamonds Corporation.

Renaissance has developed an in-store distribution program that will launch in Q1 of 2015 at one of the country’s most prominent retailers. Additionally, Renaissance has sent initial shipments of their fancy-colored diamonds to independent retailers, who have reported robust sales.

via Scio Diamond Technology

New Job Posting! Network & Security Analyst

Help Wanted

Network & Security Analyst
The Palmetto Bank is looking for a Network & Security Analyst to provide strategic planning, coordination and oversight of the Bank’s network and the security of its internal and client facing technology systems.

Preview more open positions on the GSATC jobs board. We encourage you to share it with anyone who may be in the hunt. If you are looking for work, feel free to let us know what you need on our LinkedIn group!

Looking to hire? Post your openings to our job board.

TSAChoice Issues 10,000-Step Walking Challenge to its Customers to Benefit Charity and Encourage Healthy Lifestyle


TSAChoiceTechnology integrator TSAChoice, Inc., with offices in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC, announced a healthy competition for its customers: a 10,000-step challenge during the month of December to help promote healthy lifestyles as the new year approaches. TSAChoice will donate $500 to the charity of choice for the company team with the highest average steps per person. If TSAChoice is the winner, then it will donate $500 to the charity of its choice.

The challenge has been accepted with eagerness and zeal by seven local companies: Commerce Services Corporation, Council on Aging, Express Employment Professionals, Henderson County IT Department, and Western Carolina Medical Society in Western North Carolina; and Spartan Felt Company and Peidmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group in Upstate South Carolina.

“We are excited about participating in the 10,000-step challenge,” says Lorinda Collins, Office Manager for Spartan Felt Company in Roebuck, SC. “We have all been talking about getting healthy and this is a great motivational tool for a great cause.”

“A competition like this not only will encourage a healthy lifestyle but also give great support to wonderful non-profits in our community,” says Gary Gallagher, owner of the Western North Carolina Express office. “Express Employment Professionals is walking, running and crawling (if necessary) for Eblen Charities. We’re excited and thankful that TSAChoice approached our Asheville team.”

Lynn Banks, a Sales Engineer with TSAChoice who organized the competition, says that TSAChoice had already challenged its own employees, but thought it would be fun to put their team up against their customers’ teams. “This challenge takes place during December, the season of giving, so we thought the donation to the winner’s charity would be a great motivator for everyone to get out and move, while providing a neat way to interact with our customers’ employees.”

via TSAChoice

Greenlink Launches Bus Location App

GreenlinkGreenlink, public transportation system for Greenville, SC, has launched a new automated bus locator service that allows passengers to track the real-time whereabouts of the system’s 14 fixed route buses either online or via a downloadable app called ‘Route Shout’.

Additionally, electronic message boards have been installed in the dispatch booth and in the bus bays in the Greenlink Transit Center that show the anticipated arrival and departure times for the system’s 14 fixed route buses including the Clemson Commuter, Clemson Connector and CU-ICAR/St. Francis Shuttle. The new technology will provide passengers and potential bus riders with real-time information that allows them to better plan their travel schedules, according to Greenlink officials.

“The bus locator service is a valuable planning tool for our passengers and a great marketing tool as we seek to expand our ridership,” said Greenlink Transit Director Mark Rickards. “The online and real-time aspects of the bus locator program allow us to more effectively communicate with our riders, and it allows us faster and improved access to information for better performance.”

The bus locator project also includes an audio visual annunciation system that announces upcoming stops from the bus’s public address system and simultaneously displays the name of each stop on electronic message boards at the front of the bus. Another feature is an automated passenger counter on all buses to better track indicators such as peak service hours and the most popular stops.

“The automated passenger counter gives us solid data on changing ridership patterns, which in turn helps us with service changes, budgeting and securing funding,” Rickards said.

Visitors to the Greenlink website can access the bus locator web portal by clicking on ‘Bus Locator’ in the left navigation bar. After selecting a route, website visitors are taken to a map that shows the real-time location of the bus on that route.

Those wishing to access the bus locator from a smart phone can download the app called ‘Route Shout’. After selecting Greenlink Transit from the list of transit agencies, users can select specific Greenlink routes and stops to reveal the scheduled and predicted bus arrival times for that location. The ‘Route Shout’ app is compatible with Android and iPhones.

The next phase of the bus locator project is the placement of Greenlink on Google Transit, and a trolley tracker system for the downtown trolleys, according to Rickards.

Greenlink provides fixed route transportation services Monday through Saturday in the City of Greenville and throughout Greenville County. It also operates the Clemson Commuter, the CU-ICAR/St. Francis Shuttle and Tiger Connect. Additionally, Greenlink operates trolleys with Thursday through Sunday service in downtown Greenville, and Greenville Area Paratransit (GAP), an ADA service provided for disabled individuals who are unable to use Greenlink’s fixed route bus service.

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BarberWind Turbines Receives SCRA Technology Venture Investment

BarberWind TurbinesSCRA Technology Ventures’ SC Launch program today announced its $200,000 investment in Greenville-based BarberWind Turbines. The company was accepted into the program in June, receiving mentoring and support services as a client company. This investment now makes the company an SC Launch Portfolio Company. BarberWind Turbines is a groundbreaking wind technology company that designs, manufactures, constructs and maintains wind energy assets. The company’s wind turbine, which will be manufactured in Upstate South Carolina, is highly efficient and among the most cost-effective wind technologies on the market. One 800 kW wind turbine offsets carbon pollution equivalent to taking 700 cars off the road. The entire turbine ships from the manufacturer in five 40 foot containers and does not require a heavy lift crane for assembly or maintenance, allowing the turbine to be used in remote, high-wind locations like the Caribbean and Central America.

“We congratulate BarberWind Turbines on this investment funding,” said SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. “SCRA’s SC Launch program continues to invest in technology-based companies that are helping to further South Carolina’s Knowledge Economy, and we look forward to a successful partnership with the BarberWind team.”

via SCRA

Greenville Java Users Group Hosts Intellectual Property Discussion with Wyche Lawyers Group November 13

The Greenville SC Java Users Group dives deep into the intellectual property debate with two attorneys at the heart of patent troll protection. Wallace K. Lightsey and Terrell Mills are IP lawyers with the Wyche Lawyers group. They will discuss the differences between the various areas of “IP” law, then take questions on topics of interest to the audience.

Food and drinks will be provided. Show up any time after 6PM to socialize before the meeting.

Get tickets at: Intellectual Property Basics

GSATC Presents, “Get Your First 30 Seconds Right” November 19

Tell your story in 30 seconds (and leave them wanting more).
GSATC Learning Lunch Workshop
with working lunch leaders: Russ Davis and Phil Yanov

You may be interviewing for a job, find yourself networking at a cocktail party or simply bump into John Warner in an elevator. Regardless of the circumstance, you are going to find yourself in the position of wanting to convince someone that you are worthy of their attention and interest. You may never get a second chance to make a great impression. Will you be ready?

“Few people can truly sell themselves” says Myles Golden of Golden Career Strategies. “if they don’t prepare for that critical moment, they may miss out on a great opportunity.”

At the November GSATC learning Lunch, Russ Davis and Phil Yanov are going to give you the form, structure and opportunity to practice out loud your 30 second “about me” pitch. You will learn in a setting that gets you comfortable with the format and teaches you the power of a great personal story. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that turn others off. You will learn how to include strong questions that get other people interested in your work, business, product or you!

Don’t forget that you can learn how to craft your pitch at lunch, practice it in the afternoon and then join us for real live networking at Tech After Five that evening. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend an afternoon getting great at telling your story!

11:30 – 12:00 Registration, Networking, Lunch
11:55 – 12:10 Announcements
12:20 – 1:15 Workshop
1:20 – 1:30 Door Prizes, Adjourn

This meeting is held at the Embassy Suites and features easy access from I-385, plenty of free parking, ample networking opportunities, a great presentation, and door prizes. Plan to attend.

Onsite registration is available. Lunch is $30 at the door.

 Our Working Lunch Leaders

Russ Davis

Russ Davis is an expert on sales results and runs the Sandler Sales Institute® office in Greenville. He has many years of business management and development experience, prior to opening the Greenville offive, he spent seven years associated with the Sandler Sales Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to that he founded an environmental firm in Pennsylvania which was sold to Waste Management Inc. in 1997. He has a BS from the University of Delaware and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.


Phil Yanov

Phil Yanov is a Technologist, Columnist and Public Radio Commentator. He is the founder of Tech After Five as well as the founder and President of the GSA Technology Council. His personal technology column appears in Greenville Business Magazine and the Columbia Business Journal. He co-hosts the Your Day technology shows heard on NPR radio stations across South Carolina. He is a frequent contributor to technology stories appearing on radio and television and was recently named among Greenville South Carolina’s fifty most influential people.