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Attendees respond to our Learning Lunch with Amy Wood

Our January Learning Lunch featured Amy Wood of WSPA. She told us how she is using Twitter, Facebook, and video blogging to connect with and gather information from her audience. We thought we’d ask the people in the room what they thought of the meeting and this is what they said:

What you said

  • …great meeting. I love to hear how people like Amy are bringing technology and innovation to their jobs. Great stuff.
  • It was very good, I use various social media sources on a daily basis in my work and have predominantly viewed them as an outlet to market myself and our company’s services. Amy’s use of them to better know her customer has given me somthing to think about in terms of how I view and use social media.
  • I really enjoyed the meeting. Amy’s enthusiasm made all the difference and her upfront and honest story of how she got started was an inspiration to anyone wanting to do something innovative.
  • I thought the meeting was wonderful, and I was impressed how well Amy and her team utilized new media to really expand the interactivity Phil, I have been thoroughly impressed with the caliber and consistency of the great events you are putting together at GSATC. Thanks for keeping that ball moving.
  • It was fun meeting. Very enjoyable.
  • I really enjoyed her ability to present. That, of course, comes from being in the TV business. But, the presentation really excited me to become more involved in social networking to reach out to other professionals more.
  • Very interesting how she uses social mediums to drive her professional career. Somewhere there is that balance between the social and professional, and it appears Amy has hit the nail on the head. Phil, Thank you for having her.
  • The meeting was great and it was certainly encouraging to know that someone in SC is leading the nation in, well, anything. Inspiring or controversial, trail blazing takes guts; and I applaud Amy for that. I don’t know that having someone who’s business it is to be on top of what people are saying and doing and rebroadcasting that is a parity situation for every business to learn from (like one where you print labels), but overall, the experience provided great ways to meet people who offered information or services that may one day become beneficial alliances.
  • It was awesome. Very relevant information, great networking.
  • Always interesting. Always informative. I thought Amy was interesting and entertaining. She clearly expressed her excitement about the interactivity that the social networking channels bring to her and the media.
  • Amy was engaging and down-to-earth informative. She brought GSATC a spirit of outside-the-box, innovative thinking, do what she thinks will work attitude to an industry that has not been that enthusiastic about embracing change. She was an excellent example of how important people and relationships are in our high-tech world. Bruce Yandle’s latest study on the SC Innovation Economy reported that the stage we’re in is one of knowledge connections. Work and life get done through connections and Amy was a real-world example of that construct. Phil you always do a fantastic job involving everyone. We look forward to this every month. You’re a valuable part of the area’s infrastructure. Thanks.
  • I enjoyed the meeting. It was interesting to see how the social media is being incorporated in the news. I am interested in seeing more examples of how it is being incorporated into business operations.
  • The meeting was fun, informative and provided a good opportunity to meet new people.
  • Amy Wood is reinventing TV news, not just here but globally. It is very inspiring to see pioneers like this in Greenville.
  • “I found it to be very informative. Amy is clearly ahead of the game in integrating the new media with the existing tv media.
  • She caused me to wonder about where this is all headed. I was at Best Buy today and noted the various devices to watch TV on your pc. I just wonder if the tv media is going to be impacted as much as the print media has been by the internet – look at the current woes of the newspapers. Will we watch all of our digital media on the internet ten years from now? And what does that say about local tv stations?
  • Amy also convinced me to try some of these new ideas like Twitter and Facebook. I’m not sure how it helps to grow a business but I guess I will find out.”
  • It was great hearing Amy Wood talk about blending Social Networks with the News. As allways the speakers are great and the food is too. The MC is pretty funny, so I guess you should keep him also Keep up the good work!
  • Really informative and entertaining. Loved it!
  • The meeting was great! Amy clearly demonstrated her use of these powerful online tools to better connect with her audience.
  • It was really informative. I have been searching for some insight on the different blog sites and this was exactly what I needed to hear. Any Wood has a down to earth style that is very easy to understand and follow. I know exactly what I need to do after this meeting – a rare joy!

Connect with Amy

Thanks again to all who came. Don’t forget to connect with Amy on her website on via Twitter.

More Comments, Pictures, and Links

Lots of people took pictures and posted about the meeting on Twitter, TwitPic, and Flickr. Check out the whole day’s worth of fun by starting here.