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NCover Version 3 released

“The leading .NET code coverage product just got better”, says NCover lead developer Joe Feser. In a release previously hinted at Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference, the NCover team is ready to release their latest offering in code coverage analytics. This release, called NCover Complete, attempts to bring real meaning to the science of code coverage percentages.

“Allowing teams to see the results of untested code early in the process and fix problematic areas provides a significant bottom line boost to the corporation as a whole,” notes NCover founder Peter Waldschmidt, “and makes a programmer of any skill level that much better at writing quality code”. One of the most powerful new features of the NCover Complete release is the historical context provided by trend data maintained by the platform. Trend data is created for NCover coverage files as well as coverage files from Microsoft® Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

Extending the code coverage analytics of the Visual Studio platform is an exciting capability of the NCover Complete offering, with upgrades in coverage scope and methodology, reporting capability, advanced profiling analytics, data optimization, and program interoperability. Developers of .NET programs can now dig deeper into their projects without having to replace their existing development tools. More information about collaboration and integration with other testing frameworks and build server environments can be found directly on the NCover website.

Particular focus for the launch was placed on involving the .NET development ecosystem in developing tools that can be used together to get maximum results. While a few of those collaborative tools are already available on the site, more options will become available in the coming months as partners work with NCover to provide quality solutions.

via: NCover